• College Visits & Portfolio Review

    This event offers a unique opportunity to our students to meet and directly have their portfolio reviewed in person with admission counselors and directors from the world-renowned schools in North America.

    During the event, each school representatives provide orientation of their school and consultation of any inquiries. The orientation will answer things you must consider; application process, major choices, location and surroundings of the school, unique program offered, tuitions, scholarships, and job opportunity.

    Furthermore, each students is assigned to review their portfolio individually with the associates of admission from the schools. The feedbacks and comments from actual admission associates grants a most-promised guide to the acceptance. Many of our students with their strong portfolio have had the letter of acceptance for portfolio right in place when it is applicable. However, further progress and development are always advised even after they are waived form portfolio submission in order to ensure their own strength build-up and to increase the chance of getting scholarships.